BUKKA: It all started with a toy chicken.

HELLO to all my homies from around the Globe – it’s your favourite balancing sausage Harlso here! Welcome to my BLOG!!
It’s exactly a year ago today since my humans realised I’m no ordinary hound.. that I have an extraordinary talent.. and I’m writing my first blog post on my INSTA-VERSARY as a review of the year it all began.
BUKKA: It all started with a toy chicken.
It was just a normal day.. I woke up.. I woke Momma up. I had breakfast.. I stole the cats breakfast. WHAT?! You snooze you lose and I’m a growing boy.
Then me and Momma played our morning pre-work tradition of ‘Catch me if you can’. Have you seen the film?! Well basically I’m a much more handsome Leonardo Di Caprio and instead of money I have Momma’s slippers.. I always get away 😉
My talent was unearthed by chance that night. I made dad throw my favourite toy chicken 34628193 times until he could throw no more. (1-0 Harlso). He thought it would be funny to balance it on my head.. little did he know, I’ve a head flatter than his jokes.  Sometimes he uses them to caption my posts.. DAD JOKES.. how embarrassing.
People always ask me,  Harlso how do you do it!? Truth is, I’m the Yoda of the dog world and I am at one with the FORCE!!
‘Pooped in your shoes I have’
And the treats and belly rubs I get in return.. they’re suckers!!
Just before Christmas our local news invited me for an interview and I ended up featured in Newpapers, Radio and TV all around the world. That’s right, I broke the
internet.. Kardashian WHO?!
A year later and now I have almost 50 thousand amazing followers from around the Globe across my social media sites. They even send me beautiful gifts and tasty treats – I love them all!
I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday!! (3 in human years). Dad says that now I’m 21 I’m the man of the house. I don’t know what he means because I’ve always been
the man of the house. I take responsibility for security around here. Everything needs barked at.. especially that pesky postman.
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Over and Out,
The Balancing King.
 May the force be with you.

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