The best song you’ll hear all day!

Hey everyone, its me again your favourite balancing hound, Harlso!

I haven’t had much time to update this recently. My daily schedule is pretty busy, I have breakfast, I bark at the postman, I nap, I eat again, I nap again, WALKIES, chase the cats then bedtime. Its tough to find time to squeeze in an update. If you like these updates though you can sign up to keep receiving them by entering your email address.

But, this update isn’t about me. Its all about YOU guys! I have some of the best fans in the whole world and I wanted to share some of the cool pieces of artwork you have done!

ALSO, one fan in particular Chelsea Spear a busker from Boston has WROTE THE BEST SONG EVER about me! Take a look at the artwork gallery then check out the song. Make sure you give it a big thumbs up!

If you have some cool pictures or videos you want to share then I would love to see them. Please send them to the Harlso Fans page

Stay steady ~ Harlso


‘Did you hear about the carrot detective? He got to the root of every case’ – by Gilmore the dachshund

‘I’m not cold… I’m just a little Chilli’ – by Amy O’Mearax

‘Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow’ – by @needlesgrove

jess draws
‘I’m a little cupcake’ – by @_jess.draws



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