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Helpful Tips to Teach Your Dog to Walk Calmly on a Leash

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Dogs often get excited when they go out for a walk and can easily become overwhelmed. This
can make it difficult to keep them under control while they’re out and about. Training your dog to
walk calmly on a leash is one of the most important steps to ensuring that you and your pup
have a safe and enjoyable time on walks. Doing so can take time and patience, but with a few
easy steps, you can have your pup walking calmly in no time.

Step 1: Outfit Your Dog with the Correct Leash
Before you start teaching your pup how to walk calmly on a leash, make sure you have the right
equipment. The type of leash you use can make a big difference in how your pup behaves. For
a calm, controlled walk, opt for a 5-foot leash with a comfortable handle. Avoid retractable
leashes, as they can make it difficult to keep your pup close to you.

Step 2: Start with Short, Slow Walks
When you first start teaching your pup to walk calmly on a leash, it’s best to start with short,
slow walks. This will help your pup get used to the feeling of being on a leash, and it will give
you a chance to practice keeping your pup close to you. As you walk, give your pup lots of
praise and rewards for staying close and walking calmly.

Step 3: Make Sure to Keep Your Pup Focused on You
When you’re out on a walk with your pup, it’s important to keep them focused on you.
Distractions such as other dogs, people, and cars can be overwhelming for your pup and make
it difficult for them to stay calm. If your pup starts to get distracted, gently tug on the leash to get
their attention back to you.

Step 4: Practice Walking in Different Environments
Once your pup is comfortable walking calmly on a leash in a low-distraction environment, it’s
time to start taking them out in more stimulating environments. Gradually increase the length of
your walks and practice in different areas, such as parks, busy streets, and busy sidewalks. This
will help your pup become more comfortable with different sights and smells, and it will give
them more practice staying focused on you.

Step 5: Reward Your Dog for the Proper Behaviour After Walks
Once you’ve completed a walk, it’s important to reward your pup for their good behaviour. This
could be a treat, a toy, or a special activity. This will reinforce the behaviour and let your pup
know that they’re doing a good job. With time and patience, your pup will learn to stay focused
and calm on walks.

Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

Training your pup to walk on a leash is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Taking
the time to teach your pup the proper way to walk on a leash will help ensure that both you and
your pup have a safe and enjoyable experience each time you go for a walk. With patience and
consistency, your pup will soon learn how to properly walk on a leash.

Training your dog to walk calmly on a leash is a great way to ensure safety and promote good
behaviour. It is important to remember that this type of training takes consistency and patience.
It is important to keep your training sessions short and positive and to reward your dog for good
behaviour. Always remember to use positive reinforcement and to be consistent with your
commands. With patience and consistency, you will be able to successfully train your pup to
walk calmly and safely on a leash.
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5 Best Practices in Training Dogs to Wear a Dog Harness

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Harnesses are used for various purposes, including climbing, rescue, work support, hauling, and recreational activities such as paragliding, parasailing, and zip-lining. In addition, harnesses are used for restraining pets, service animals, and children.

However, adjustable dog harnesses may require pet owners to teach their pets to wear and use them. There are many benefits for using a dog harness including more control over your dog. But how do you train dogs to wear and use harnesses? Here are some ideas.

1. Use Treats in Training

Rewarding your pet with treats is one of the best ways to train them to wear a harness. Start by introducing the harness to your pet and rewarding them with a treat every time they show interest. It will help create a positive association with the harness.

The first step is to introduce your pet to the harness. Let them sniff and explore it, and reward them with a treat whenever they show interest. It will help create a positive association with the harness.  Once your pet is comfortable with the harness, you can start putting it on them.

2. Take Teaching Slow

Take your time when teaching your pet how to wear a harness. You don’t want to rush them, as this can create anxiety and confusion. Start introducing the harness and letting them become comfortable with it before putting it on.

Once they are used to it, start by putting it on for short periods. Gradually increase the time they wear it until they are more comfortable. Overall, pets should not fear harnesses. Instead, they should learn that they are part of ensuring excellent behaviour, especially in public.

3. Ensure Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a form of dog training that rewards desired behaviours. When your pet does something you want them to do, such as wearing a harness, you should reward them with a treat or verbal praise, helping them reinforce desired behaviour.

When introducing your pet to a harness, taking your time and making the experience as positive as possible is essential. Start by allowing your pet to get used to the harness by allowing them to sniff and explore it. Once they’re comfortable, you can begin to put the harness on them.

4. Make Dogs Comfortable

Dogs can be uncomfortable wearing a harness, so it’s essential to ensure it fits correctly. If the harness is too tight, it can be painful and cause chafing. On the other hand, if the harness is too loose, it can be challenging to control your dog.

Use our handy size guide to ensure that you select the right size of dog harness. It will ensure the harness fits properly and your pet is comfortable. If you are having difficulty with measuring your dog you can always reach out to us via email at or alternatively send us a direct message on social media, we are always happy to help!

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is key when training a dog to wear a harness. Make sure you use the same commands and rewards each time you put the harness on your pet. It will help them learn to associate the harness with positive reinforcement and make it easier for them to accept.


Training a dog to wear a harness can be challenging, but it can be done with patience and consistency. Start by slowly introducing the harness to your pet and rewarding them for positive behaviour.

Make sure the harness fits properly and is comfortable for your pet. Finally, follow your commands and rewards when training your dog to wear a harness. With these tips, your pet should wear a harness in no time.
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Why You Should Use a Dog Harness When Walking Your Dog

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When dogs exercise, they enjoy it and play freely. Exercise is essential for your dog’s physical and mental health, whether you walk him outside or inside. Even if you simply take your dog for
a short stroll outside, safety should always come first.
There are many advantages to utilising a harness when walking your dog, including the ability to
prevent damage to the neck and spine. Below are notable reasons why you should use a
harness when walking your dog.

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    Adjustable Harness – Nice But Nervous
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It’s for the Wellness of Their Neck and Spine
A lively dog will pull on the leash while out on walks. It will lead to their collar and neck being
pulled. If a dog pulls on the leash too forcefully, it could hurt its throat, neck, or spine.

It’s More Difficult to Flee
When wearing a collar, a dog might easily wriggle free and either flee into danger or become
lost. A dog with a properly fitted harness is more resistant to escaping since a harness is more
difficult to remove.
Unlike when they escape their collar, which only requires her to back out of it, if your dog tries to
escape their harness while you are out on a walk, you will be aware of it.

An Ageing Dog Can Stand with the Aid of a Harness
A harness will give you leverage to help raise an older dog to its feet or assist them up and
down stairs if they are finding it increasingly difficult to stand or negotiate stairs. Even harnesses
with handles are available for purchase if you have an elderly dog or a dog with movement

Walking Is Simpler
A harness is the best choice when walking a dog on a leash and with a collar, especially when
they enjoy tugging and make the walk a “drag” for both of you. When your dog is wearing a
harness, the tension of his forward tugging on you and your arm is reduced.
When your dog is wearing a harness, you can train him to walk gently and more quickly.

It Ensures That Your Dog Does Not Pull on the Leash

A simple walk may seem like a great effort to an owner trying to manage the situation if their pet
dog constantly struggles with the leash that is fastened to its collar. With each tug on the collar,
the dog advances, dragging you along with it.
This merely serves to encourage the dog to keep pulling. You can stop the pet’s pulling
behaviour if you start using a harness on it. A dog cannot move ahead by pulling the leash that
is fastened to a harness.
The leash is attached to a hook on the dog’s back, between its shoulders, and prevents pulling
by guiding the dog’s forward motion in the opposite way.

Dogs that enjoy going for walks are generally happier dogs. The next time you take your dog on
a walk, consider getting him a harness to keep him secure and dog insurance coverage to
protect your finances and your dog’s wellbeing.
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5 Things to Get Before Bringing Your Dachshund Home

Dachshunds are some of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in the world. They are loyal,
loving, and incredibly friendly. However, before you bring home your new dachshund, there are
a few things you need to have for you and your pup to be happy and healthy.
So, are you bringing home a new and adorable dachshund? Here’s what you need:

  1. Harnesses
    Having the proper equipment is essential for a happy, healthy dachshund. To support their
    energetic personality, it’s important to have a harness that will prevent strain on their back and
    neck. A harness is more secure than a collar, so your pup won’t be able to squirm away. It’s
    best to get your dachshund used to wearing a harness early to prevent potential issues as they
  • Adjustable Harness - Nice But Nervous
    Adjustable Harness – Nice But Nervous
  • french bull dog harness, love harlso, light grey, adjustable dog harness
    Adjustable Harness – Excuse My French
  • love harlso musical dog harness starstruck blue
    Adjustable Harness – Starstruck

2. Stain and Odor Solutions
Bringing a puppy home can be exciting, but it also means that there is a risk of accidents. And,
by accidents, we mean the staining and smelly ones! Using a product that eliminates odors and
stains can help ensure that your house stays clean and that your puppy will not repeat their
mistakes in the same spot. Of course, you should also be potty training your dachshund in the
meantime, but at the moment, a stain and odor-eliminating solution will make your life easier
and help keep your house clean.

3. Healthy Snacks and Food
If your dachshund could speak, they’d likely tell you that food is their number one priority in life.
To stay healthy and strong, they’ll need consistent and nutritious meals. We highly recommend
dog foods that are specifically formulated for dachshunds and take into account their unique
dietary needs. Additionally, it’s best to provide treats that have already been broken into small
pieces. Since dachshunds are prone to gaining weight, these bite-sized snacks will help you
avoid overfeeding them while still rewarding their good behavior.

4. A Chew Toy
Getting toys for your dachshund can be overwhelming with all the cute choices, but you don’t
need many. Providing a few chew toys will help keep them from destroying your couch or
shoes. Look for durable toys that won’t break easily, and avoid ones with synthetic materials
that could be swallowed.

5. A Cosy Bed
Dachshunds love to have a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep and relax. When
looking for a bed, you want a machine-washable cover and a non-slip bottom. This will allow for
an easy clean-up and keep the bed from moving while they are getting in and out. Also, look to get beds that look like a cave or burrow, which offers them a sense of security. Putting the bed
in a crate can also help with housetraining and creating a space that is all their own.

Dachshunds are a fun and active breed, but you’ll need to treat them the right way, even on the
day you bring them home! So, to ensure your pup is comfortable and happy, you’ll need to
provide them with the right supplies. A collar and leash, food and water dishes, toys, and a cosy
bed are essential items for your dachshund. With the right products, your pup will have
everything they need to live its best life.
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The Significance of Picking the Right Harness for Your Dog

Dog harnesses are a type of pet gear that is used to restrain or manage our four-legged friends. They come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes; therefore, it’s important to choose the best one for your pet.

This is a great alternative for you if you own a dog and want more control over it. Below are some of the instances where a dog harness would prove to be useful.

1. It Provides Extra Control

A harness can help you keep control of your dog, even if they are a leash puller. The leash can be attached to the back of your Love Harlso harness for easier control of your dog’s movement. This comes in very handy when navigating congested sidewalks or streets.

2. It Can Help Prevent Injuries

When walking, dogs that tug on the leash put a lot of pressure on their necks. Their trachea may collapse as a result of this, causing a life-threatening emergency. In short, you may protect your dog’s neck from being strained by the leash by using a harness.

3. It Helps Your Dog Feel More at Ease

A harness can provide additional comfort for your dog as an alternative to a collar. This is especially evident with pugs and bulldogs, which have short snouts. A harness helps alleviate potential pain or irritation to their delicate necks.

How Do I Determine My Dog’s Harness Size?

There are a few factors to think about when determining the proper harness size for your dog. We have a handy sizing chart available at Get your dog’s chest size first. The widest part of your dog’s chest is right behind their front legs if your dog cannot tolerate being measured with a tape measure, try using a piece of string and measure the string. 

You should also measure, around the neck where your dogs collar would naturally sit, make sure to leave a slight gap. You should be able to slip two fingers between the measuring the tape, this will ensure the correct size for a comfortable fit for your dog. 

Now that you know your dog’s exact dimensions, you can go out and get a harness that fits properly. At Love Harlso we have lots of different sizes and styles available to suit you and your dogs personality. 

What Are the Main Considerations When Buying a Dog Harness?

When shopping for a dog harness, it’s important to think about more than just its size. When shopping for one, the first question to ask is what kind will work best. There are many various harnesses available; therefore, it is vital to shop around for the one that is most suited for your pet. At Love Harlso we stock Y-shaped dog harnesses. We believe that these are the most comfortable and safest harnesses for your dog. 

The harness’s fabric should be your second priority. Different materials are used to create harnesses, and you should select one that your dog is most at ease wearing. At Love Harlso our harnesses are made from Neoprene, we chose this material because it is comfortable, easy to clean and very durable. Your dog can be both comfortable and stylish in our dog harnesses. 


When you go for walks or indulge in other activities with your dog, a dog harness can be an excellent accessory to have for ensuring the dog’s comfort and safety. You just need to do a little bit of research in order to get the ideal dog harness for your four-legged pal.

Feel free to follow our tips above, and you will never have to worry about picking the wrong one for your dog.

If you are looking for a great source of high-quality dog harnesses in Northern Ireland, look no further than our selections here at Love Harlso. We offer a wide range of harnesses and dog accessories that are sure to provide your four-legged friends with the comfort and mobility that they need. Feel free to check out our ‘Dog Harnesses and Accessories’ section for more of our harness variants and their prices.