PlayforStrays is a registered charity based in Northern Ireland, UK, and was created to bring toys and a bit of fun to street animals and shelters all over the world.

Many charities do a fantastic job offering food and shelter to abandoned waifs and strays. Unfortunately the provision of toys and playthings are not always in budget.

By delivering these small toys, it will allow animals to relieve stress and boredom and bring a bit of play into their day.

You can support them by following their Facebook page and donating to their Christmas appeal to bring toys to dogs in shelters worldwide!

Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD loans equipment to Dachshunds in the UK recovering or disabled post IVDD or any other debilitating illness. They require much needed funds to continue to provide Strollers, wheels4dogs, gingerleads, pens, booties, drag bags, belly bands and pants to those in need. You can support them by following their Facebook page and joining their fundraising efforts.

Parkson Pet Products provide quality pet products at affordable prices. Their mission is to support pet charities worldwide. You can check out their latest range of products by clicking here!