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Pet Parenting 101: This Is Why You Need a Dachshund Harness

Galactic Woofers on Dachshund

There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing home a Dachshund dog for the first time, especially if you’ve always wanted to be a fur parent. It’s the perfect time to form and enjoy a unique bond you can’t find anywhere else. 

While getting caught up in the joys of owning a dog may be easy, you must also remember that taking care of a pet is a lifelong commitment. One of the essential accessories you must find is a Dachshund harness. However, you might wonder if this choice is right for your pet, especially if you’re a first-time pet parent.  

We’ll tackle the types and materials used for Dachshund harnesses, the benefits of using one, and how to measure your dog for this pet accessory. 

Should I Pick a Harness Over a Collar

Yes, because it’s the best way to keep your miniature and standard Dachshund safe and secure. While some pet owners of other breeds may disagree slightly with this, it’s clear that a harness works best for these little canines.

2 Main Types of Harnesses

This section will enumerate two main types of Dachshund harnesses you can use for your long-spined pooch. 

1. No-Pull Harness

This type of harness works best for dogs who pull on their leash while walking, especially for scent hound breeds like the Dachshund. 

2. Standard Body Harness

On the other hand, this type of harness evenly distributes the lead’s pressure over a Dachshund’s body instead of putting all the stress on its neck. While it can have lighter straps or a more complex design, both options have the same goal: to keep your pup safe and comfortable. 

Types of Materials Used

This essential pet accessory is available in mesh, nylon, fabric, or leather. Remember that every material has its benefits and drawbacks. Leather is the most expensive but stylish option, while others are easy to clean and maintain. Any material can work well as long as the Dachshund harness’s design is of high quality.

5 Benefits of Getting a Dachshund Harness 

This section will enumerate why you must buy a harness for your long-spined pooch. 

1. Can Protect Their Necks and Backs Better

Being a responsible pet owner means keeping your furbaby safe from health conditions. Unlike conventional dog collars, harnesses are more beneficial to protecting your Dachshund dog from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and other skeletal problems because they provide more support to their necks and backs. 

2. Can Double as a Dog Jacket 

Investing in harnesses can keep your pup warm and cosy during winter. Some collars and harnesses may serve the dual purpose of providing a secure fit while protecting your furbaby against the cold. 

3. Is Better for Leash Pulling

We recommend using a harness instead of a collar when taking your dog out for a walk. It’s a more practical option for lead pulling because it provides greater control and minimises the risk of injury. 

4. Can Make Your Dog Easier to Recognise

These pet accessories can be a great way to make your Dachshund stand out from the crowd at night or in busy areas because of their bright colours and patterns. 

5. Can Help with Easier Pickup 

Harnesses help your pup climb stairs or other tall obstacles, giving you a secure way of carrying them while allowing your pet to maintain balance. 

How to Measure Your Dog before Getting a Harness

You can find a suitable harness size for your dog by measuring its neck and back width and chest and torso girth. A size 18 or S/XS harness works best for miniature dachshunds. 


Dachshund harnesses are a great way to ensure your dog’s security and comfort. Finding the right size can help you make the most of your purchase. 

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