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Harness for Dogs: How to Know If It Fits Properly

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A harness that fits your dog correctly is essential for comfort and safety. If the dog harness is too loose, your dog may be able to slip out of it, or it may become tangled, while a harness that is too tight can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. 

Therefore, ensuring that the harness you choose fits your dog properly is important. This article will discuss how to determine if your dog’s harness fits correctly. Here, find tips on measuring your dog, putting on the harness correctly, and checking for a proper fit.

How to Determine the Proper Fit of Dog Harness

  • Go to the supplier’s or manufacturer’s size chart to determine where your dimensions sit on the scale. Adjust the harness to the smallest setting if they are approaching near to the smallest size. Adjust the straps and other accessories to the highest setting if it is on the larger side. This is a fantastic place to start as you compare your dog’s measurements to those provided by the supplier.
  • If you can’t, adjust it and loosen the strap till you can.
  • Get the assistance of a buddy to gracefully stand up as you hold your dog in a natural, upright, standing position.
  • Check to see if the fit of the accessories harness in the main body parts restricts the chest, neck, torso, or back. If it is, make a minor adjustment. Adjust the fit if it is too loose so the skin is not pinched.
  • Take your dog on a stroll and reward it with snacks. If this is your first test walk wearing a harness, you want things to go well. The rein is probably not excessively tight or rubbing any temperate regions if the dog moves quite well and shows no signs of suffering.
  • Examine any spots where straps, padding, or other limitations are close to your dog’s legs while it is facing you. One belt, for instance, ties to a few harnesses directly behind the dog’s front legs. Ensure the strap is not cutting into the dog’s leg pit when walking and not facing forward. Only minimal space is needed between the leg and the waistband when the dog stands. This must be standing straight up or turned away from the legs.
  • Make sure the straps on the adjustable harness for dogs are the proper tension—not too tight or loose. According to the basic rule of thumb, one finger should feel a small pinch if you place it under the strap. The strap is likely a little loose if there is barely any pressure. It can be overly tight if your finger feels like it is under a lot of stress.
  • Put your dog on a standard or double-ended leash, take it on a walk, and reward it with a treat for being a good walking partner. Right now, go outdoors and notice if your dog feels at ease. Allow your dog to explore and go where its instincts take it.
  • Check the harness’s motion. The saddle shouldn’t move about much or be very loose in any one place because it is made to proceed with your dog rather than by itself. It should be noted that there could occasionally need to be a compromise around the neck if the harness can be placed on and taken off more efficiently with a slightly looser fit.

Additional Tips 

If your dog is unusually large or small in a particular area, be sure you can adapt the harness to fit your dog comfortably in these areas and that doing so does not adversely affect other areas or adjustment points (the neck or chest).

Observing your dog’s gait when you take him for his first walk is essential. Before attempting to change it, check for any clear causes for this if it shows no interest in smelling, exploring, or otherwise appearing comfortable. Take caution because some dogs may act reluctant to move to attract attention.


It is important to ensure that your dog’s harness is fitted correctly as it can prevent injury, improve comfort and ensure your dog is safe and secure. The best way to ensure that a dog harness fits correctly is to measure your dog for the correct size, providing enough room to move and breathe comfortably but not too much so that the harness slips off. Additionally, when putting the harness on, ensure it is snug but not tight, and check that all buckles, straps, and clips are secure. Your dog will be comfortable and safe with the right size and fit. 

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