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Your Guide to Differentiating a Dog Collar and Harness

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Whether you have a small lap pup or a big protective dog, there’s nothing more rewarding than becoming a responsible pet owner. This endeavour means ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy. It also means caring for and protecting them appropriately, especially in our dangerous world. 

Besides keeping them from harm’s way, one of the most significant aspects of responsible pet ownership is providing your furbaby with the right equipment, like a collar or harness. These valuable tools will help them stay safe and secure. However, determining the best one can be tricky since many shops offer collars and harnesses in various cute patterns. 

If you’re ready to help your cute and cuddly companion live safely and happily, this article will help you differentiate between a dog collar and a harness. 

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Dog Collar?

If you’ll keep your dog on a leash for an extended period, it’s better to use a collar as it allows the dog to move freely without any straps around their body. Also, collars are more comfortable for long-haired dogs as it prevents strands from getting tangled in the straps. However, if your dog tends to pull, a collar can discourage and not stop it. Meanwhile, harnesses provide more freedom around the neck area, making it easier for dogs to pull.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Dog Harness?

Dogs have more sensitive necks than humans as it contains essential muscles, veins, and the spine. Applying pressure to this area can cause tension and harm the dog. 

You can stop this by investing in a harness instead of a collar. A harness distributes pressure evenly and reduces the risk of hurting the dog’s neck and vital parts. It’s also ideal for dogs with respiratory problems or those who easily pop out their eyes due to pressure. Moreover, if travelling with a dog, it’s safer to buckle them up using a harness during an emergency stop.

How Can I Know If My Dog Needs a Collar or Harness?

Selecting between a dog collar and a dog harness with cute patterns depends on what suits you and your furry friend better. Although other pooches favour collars for their comfort, others may prefer harnesses. However, no collar or harness can help address this issue if your dog tends to pull. You can help train your dog to stop tugging and make walks with your dog a more pleasant experience by seeking professional advice. 

How to Measure for a Dog Leash

Once you find the best type to get, you must choose the appropriate leash size, as the wrong one can eventually cause issues. Measuring a dog collar is simple–you must measure the circumference of your dog’s neck. You can ensure the right fit by checking you can place two fingers between the neck and the collar. If there’s more space than that, the collar could be too big, and the dog might escape. In contrast, a tight fit could indicate the collar’s too small and cause discomfort. 

How to Measure the Proper Fit and Size for a Dog Harness

You can ensure the proper fit for a dog harness by measuring the chest circumference and checking if you can fit your hand underneath it. This step will prevent the material from being too tight. It’s also a bonus if your chosen collars and harnesses are adjustable for your dog’s comfort. Moreover, you can buy a matching leash and these items with cute items for a stylish look. That way, your pet will be the envy of the neighbourhood!


Knowing if you should get a dog collar or harness for your pet can be challenging, especially when shops offer many cute options. Considering their needs and measuring correctly, you can help your furbaby stay secure and comfortable during daily walks. 

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