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A Comprehensive Guide to Properly Washing a Dog Harness

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Stylish dog harnesses are a great way to keep your pet safe and comfortable during daily walks. They can also add a flair to your pet’s appearance. However, its constant exposure to dirt and dust will eventually dirty it, making it unsightly and allowing it to harbour disease-causing germs. 

Therefore, you should regularly clean it to maintain your pet’s hygiene. Today’s blog post will teach you how to wash a dog harness properly and answer some commonly asked questions. 

1. Keep It Clean and Dry

Although you can typically machine wash most stylish dog harnesses, you should follow the instructions on the label. You must clean and dry the harness regularly, especially if your dog sweats a lot or has long hair. Also, don’t forget to remove hair and stains before washing, and avoid sun-drying to prevent unsightly colour fading.

2. Wash It Regularly 

You can wash a dog harness by securing all buckles, shaking off dirt and debris, and determining the material. You can machine wash nylon with a mild cleanser, but you shouldn’t submerge leather in water. Meanwhile, use a soapy water solution or a commercial leather cleaner for heavily stained leather harnesses.

After that, you can hand-wash it with mild soap or a dog accessory cleaning solution, then let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse thoroughly and air dry, avoiding the dryer. For extremely dirty harnesses, use a washing machine. 

3. Always Check for Damage

After washing your dog’s harness, double-check for damages to ensure your pet’s safety. Also, prompt replacement is necessary if you spot any damage. 

4. Store the Harness in a Safe Place

You can keep your dog’s harness in good condition and prevent damage by storing it safely out of your dog’s reach and away from sharp objects. A closed cabinet or closet is a good option.

Why Should I Care For My Dog’s Harness?

You must care for this pet care essential to ensure your furbaby’s health and hygiene, prevent smells, ensure durability, and protect their safety. Regularly inspect and clean the harness to ensure it lasts longer and keeps your pup safe and comfortable while out and about.

What Are the Effects of a Dirty Dog Harness?

If you don’t clean your dog’s harness regularly, it can become a place where bacteria and fungus can grow and spread. It can harm your pet’s health, and it also looks unattractive.

How Long Do Dog Harnesses Last?

The material of the harness and frequency of use will impact its lifespan. Higher-quality materials like leather and mesh will last longer than cheap nylon, and using the harness frequently for long hikes will shorten its lifespan.

Can I Wash a Dog Harness in the Washer?

You can wash a dog harness in the washer on a gentle cycle with cold water. Consider using a mesh laundry bag to prevent tangling or snagging.

How Often Should I Change My Dog’s Harness?

Although there’s no particular schedule, periodically inspecting your dog’s harness’s condition and suitability can help you know when to swap it out. If you spot damage, get a new, more stylish one. 

Should I Always Keep My Pet in a Harness?

Although a harness can help teach and walk your dog, your pet doesn’t always need to wear it. Wearing this pet essential all day can be bothersome and uncomfortable for your furry friend.

How Many Harnesses Should I Have for My Dog?

You can ensure your pet’s safety by having multiple harnesses. For instance, a more durable harness would be preferable for a rigorous outdoor activity like hiking or running, while a lighter one would suffice for a casual walk.


No dog should wear a dirty pet harness because it can be unsightly and cause health issues. You can keep it clean by determining the material, following the correct cleaning instructions, and only using it when needed. 

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