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Charity Partner Announcement – Play for Strays

play for strays announcement

We are proud to announce PlayforStrays as the official charity partner of Love Harlso!

PlayforStrays is a registered charity. Founded in September 2016 by David Foster in Northern Ireland they donate toys and other items to no-kill animal shelters worldwide! PlayforStrays also work alongside other charitable groups, including the homeless community. They provide toys, food, and other items to those in need of them for their beloved animals. During the coronavirus pandemic PlayforStrays provided a lifeline to many shelters and those who were struggling financially to provide for their animals.

When choosing our charity partner it was important that we could work closely with them. We want to see first hand how donations will be spent. We also want to volunteer to help where we can. You may remember that Harlso has supported PlayforStrays in the past. Their values echo ours. In the video below you can see a £1000 toy drop Harlso was involved in. The donation was raised though the generosity of Harlso’s fans, and topped up by a local business.

Founder of PlayforStrays David Foster said, ‘We are delighted to be chosen, officially, as the charity partner of Love Harlso. Harlso is quite the talent and we think it is wonderful that he is generously supporting charity through his own line of dog accessories!’

PlayforStrays mission is a simple one. Animal rescue charities often cannot afford to purchase toys. These are deemed as luxury over food, electricity and veterinary care. However, it is scientifically recognised that toys bring positive enrichment, mental stimulation and joy to animals within these shelters.

From April 2021, Love Harlso is committing £1 from every order to PlayforStrays! We will provide regular updates on donations. David will also share updates on how the donations are being used. Click here for their website and more information on how you can support them. They do amazing work!