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Helpful Tips to Teach Your Dog to Walk Calmly on a Leash

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Dogs often get excited when they go out for a walk and can easily become overwhelmed. This
can make it difficult to keep them under control while they’re out and about. Training your dog to
walk calmly on a leash is one of the most important steps to ensuring that you and your pup
have a safe and enjoyable time on walks. Doing so can take time and patience, but with a few
easy steps, you can have your pup walking calmly in no time.

Step 1: Outfit Your Dog with the Correct Leash
Before you start teaching your pup how to walk calmly on a leash, make sure you have the right
equipment. The type of leash you use can make a big difference in how your pup behaves. For
a calm, controlled walk, opt for a 5-foot leash with a comfortable handle. Avoid retractable
leashes, as they can make it difficult to keep your pup close to you.

Step 2: Start with Short, Slow Walks
When you first start teaching your pup to walk calmly on a leash, it’s best to start with short,
slow walks. This will help your pup get used to the feeling of being on a leash, and it will give
you a chance to practice keeping your pup close to you. As you walk, give your pup lots of
praise and rewards for staying close and walking calmly.

Step 3: Make Sure to Keep Your Pup Focused on You
When you’re out on a walk with your pup, it’s important to keep them focused on you.
Distractions such as other dogs, people, and cars can be overwhelming for your pup and make
it difficult for them to stay calm. If your pup starts to get distracted, gently tug on the leash to get
their attention back to you.

Step 4: Practice Walking in Different Environments
Once your pup is comfortable walking calmly on a leash in a low-distraction environment, it’s
time to start taking them out in more stimulating environments. Gradually increase the length of
your walks and practice in different areas, such as parks, busy streets, and busy sidewalks. This
will help your pup become more comfortable with different sights and smells, and it will give
them more practice staying focused on you.

Step 5: Reward Your Dog for the Proper Behaviour After Walks
Once you’ve completed a walk, it’s important to reward your pup for their good behaviour. This
could be a treat, a toy, or a special activity. This will reinforce the behaviour and let your pup
know that they’re doing a good job. With time and patience, your pup will learn to stay focused
and calm on walks.

Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

Training your pup to walk on a leash is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Taking
the time to teach your pup the proper way to walk on a leash will help ensure that both you and
your pup have a safe and enjoyable experience each time you go for a walk. With patience and
consistency, your pup will soon learn how to properly walk on a leash.

Training your dog to walk calmly on a leash is a great way to ensure safety and promote good
behaviour. It is important to remember that this type of training takes consistency and patience.
It is important to keep your training sessions short and positive and to reward your dog for good
behaviour. Always remember to use positive reinforcement and to be consistent with your
commands. With patience and consistency, you will be able to successfully train your pup to
walk calmly and safely on a leash.
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Dog harness models? Meet our global brand ambassadors!

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Welcome to the Love Harlso blog! This space on our website is to bring you up to date with what we are doing behind the scenes of the brand. We are incredibly proud of our dog harness range and feel humbled by the support we have received since our launch in November!

We plan to add to this range over time and want to bring high quality products at affordable prices. From November through to December we done 30 days of giveaways and gave away £1000’s of merchandise to Harlso fans around the world to celebrate the launch of the brand. Thank you for supporting our new venture!

We love seeing the photos of dogs in our accessories! Throughout February we ran a brand ambassador search and we are pleased to announce that we have selected 5 ambassadors to represent Love Harlso. I’d encourage you to follow them on Instagram! Their accounts are AMAZING!

  1. Firstly, meet Cookie, she is a Brussels Griffon from Montreal, Canada. Her siblings, Moony and Hunter are also part of the team. They love the sun, sleeping (a lot), food and kisses!

2. Next we have Frankie a 4 year old, smooth haired miniature dachshund from Scotland. She also loves food and sunbathing (typical dachshund behaviour)! Her human loves taking photographs of Frankie running outside and we love to see her action shots! Frankie is pictured wearing the Pinata Party reversible dog harness.

3. Thirdly, meet Lola and Bear they are two long haired mini dachshunds from New Zealand! They love exploring the great outdoors and spending time with their mum who adores them. Bear is wearing our Love Harlso harness in size small!

4. Meet Ellie and Wendy! These adorable fashionistas are French Bulldogs from Italy. They are crazy for cuddles, walks on the beach and making friends! Pictured on a beautiful beach during sunset wearing our Ooh La Llama adjustable dog harness!

5. Phoebe and Howie the Shichons (Shih tzu x Bichon) are from the USA. Phoebe is 1 year old and Howie celebrated his first birthday earlier this week. Their favourite snacks are pears and snap peas! Phoebe loves to cuddle and Howie loves to play. Pictured is Phoebe wearing our Rainbows and Unicorn reversible harness!

Follow Love Harlso on Instagram and keep an eye on our posts! We may be looking for more brand ambassadors in the future!