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5 Best Practices in Training Dogs to Wear a Dog Harness

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Harnesses are used for various purposes, including climbing, rescue, work support, hauling, and recreational activities such as paragliding, parasailing, and zip-lining. In addition, harnesses are used for restraining pets, service animals, and children.

However, adjustable dog harnesses may require pet owners to teach their pets to wear and use them. There are many benefits for using a dog harness including more control over your dog. But how do you train dogs to wear and use harnesses? Here are some ideas.

1. Use Treats in Training

Rewarding your pet with treats is one of the best ways to train them to wear a harness. Start by introducing the harness to your pet and rewarding them with a treat every time they show interest. It will help create a positive association with the harness.

The first step is to introduce your pet to the harness. Let them sniff and explore it, and reward them with a treat whenever they show interest. It will help create a positive association with the harness.  Once your pet is comfortable with the harness, you can start putting it on them.

2. Take Teaching Slow

Take your time when teaching your pet how to wear a harness. You don’t want to rush them, as this can create anxiety and confusion. Start introducing the harness and letting them become comfortable with it before putting it on.

Once they are used to it, start by putting it on for short periods. Gradually increase the time they wear it until they are more comfortable. Overall, pets should not fear harnesses. Instead, they should learn that they are part of ensuring excellent behaviour, especially in public.

3. Ensure Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a form of dog training that rewards desired behaviours. When your pet does something you want them to do, such as wearing a harness, you should reward them with a treat or verbal praise, helping them reinforce desired behaviour.

When introducing your pet to a harness, taking your time and making the experience as positive as possible is essential. Start by allowing your pet to get used to the harness by allowing them to sniff and explore it. Once they’re comfortable, you can begin to put the harness on them.

4. Make Dogs Comfortable

Dogs can be uncomfortable wearing a harness, so it’s essential to ensure it fits correctly. If the harness is too tight, it can be painful and cause chafing. On the other hand, if the harness is too loose, it can be challenging to control your dog.

Use our handy size guide to ensure that you select the right size of dog harness. It will ensure the harness fits properly and your pet is comfortable. If you are having difficulty with measuring your dog you can always reach out to us via email at or alternatively send us a direct message on social media, we are always happy to help!

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is key when training a dog to wear a harness. Make sure you use the same commands and rewards each time you put the harness on your pet. It will help them learn to associate the harness with positive reinforcement and make it easier for them to accept.


Training a dog to wear a harness can be challenging, but it can be done with patience and consistency. Start by slowly introducing the harness to your pet and rewarding them for positive behaviour.

Make sure the harness fits properly and is comfortable for your pet. Finally, follow your commands and rewards when training your dog to wear a harness. With these tips, your pet should wear a harness in no time.
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